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Fine Art Studio & Petit Galerie

Bretten-Anne Moolman BFA. HDE (Rhodes University)
Distinction in Art Method, Teaching Practice and Art Practice.

Professional artist, BA Moolman, has exhibited extensively at solo and group exhibitions across South Africa, and her work is in private and international collections. She expresses her passion for oils, acrylics and multi-media through a range of content themes and styles; reflecting her immediate environment and influences, as well as topical South African social issues. Her work varies from commissions to figurative and contemporary images.

BA’s work reflects her personal character depth via numerous colour palettes; sometimes feminine, minimalist and playful, sometimes macabre, outlandish, and satirical. She explores her technique with confidence, bearing testimony to 20 years of consistent practice of her life’s work.

Visit BA’s open Studio and Petit Gallerie by appointment on 083 728 5295 or 041 373 3334

Art Enrichment Programme - Senior School & Post Matric

Art Enrichment Programme
Structured Art Enrichment Programs for Grades 8 – 12 and Post Matric Pupils [4 terms]
  • Consolidate a sound knowledge of formal art principles and practice, visual literacy and art theory
  • Create a strong and diverse portfolio of different media and genres through interpretive art practice
  • Prepare Portfolios for compulsory art application procedures to all SA tertiary art institutions(where applicable)
  • Experience projects which explore global master artist influences across diverse genres and historic periods
Boost pupils’ art talent with individualised tuition of 3 core components :
  • Art Practice: Create 2D and 3D artworks using various materials, media and applications.
  • Develop a solid understanding of line, tone, texture, shape, colour, space and dimension.
  • Visual Literacy and Art Appreciation: Read’ and understand artworks applying formal art principles and elements.
  • Master the elements of composition, including balance, movement, repetition, emphasis, contrast, unity, focal point.
  • Art Application: Explore aptitudes for Drawing, Painting, Fashion, Textiles, Graphics, Ceramics and Soft sculpture through projects requiring research and application of diverse thought and experiential processes.
Afternoon classes

ADULT ART CLASSES - Informal drawing and painting

A social and relaxed environment for you to learn howto paint in oils or acrylics, or draw in any medium.
  • Grow your understanding of the formal elements and principles of art.
  • Receive individual attention, lots of laughter and personal care from BA who delights in helping you discover your personal creativity.

  • Morning and evening classes
    Monthly life drawing sessions on Saturday mornings

Children's ART CLASSES - 6 - 12 Years

Unleash your child’s creativity through weekly classes
  • Explore art through story telling and learning the uses of 2D & 3D materials.
  • Develop skills in drawing, painting, 3D and mixed media, using real life objects and imagination.

  • Afternoon classes
  • Also, look out for year-round specialist holiday children’s workshops. Book a workshop for your Kids Parties (4 years and up). Ceramics Workshops : Decorative Mugs, Handprinted Plates and Jewellery Workshops.

  • Workshops run on Saturdays and holidays


  • Personalise an entertaining and creative art workshop as a unique Corporate Team-building exercise.
  • Allow your team to experience the power of individual creative input into creative problem-solving, within a communicative and co-operative group dynamic.
  • Hilarious ice-breaker exercises bond teams and celebrate individual personalities and creativity.
  • Rope in charismatic local celebrities to add an extra layer of fun to your Corporate Team-builder.
  • Full day or half day events at Art on Target or outside venues.


  • Creative sanctuary overlooking the pristine Baakens River Valley.
  • Abundant birdlife and indigenous haven.
  • Visit BA Moolman’s (ICON) Open Studio and Petit Gallerie by appointment for an inspiring, chatty personal walkabout.
  • Thriving Art School and Art Enrichment for children, students and adults : Beginner to advanced levels.
  • Home of Design on Target
    Purpose made items, furniture and other products.
    Contact Wayne on 083 324 4303
  • For hire: Indoor hall with data projector. Also a pool-lapa area.