About Bretten-Anne

I grew up in a small town in the Karoo called Somerset East. A lot of my youth was spent climbing mountains, collecting interesting stones, and bits and pieces on neighbour farms.

This fostered my love for the landscape and the environmental concerns I have about the landscape and earth in general.

My experience participating in the Ultimate Braai Master TV series and travelling 7000km s around South Africa over a period of two months has been a major influence on my current perception of the South African landscape, its wealth of colour and diversity.

As a fine artist the challenge has always been to create a work that is true to my perceptions, may it be a thing of beauty or a message about human interaction/ intrusion in the landscape. Hence all the work done for the solo show are not worked from photographs but rather from a series of experience recall, memory and research material.

The works vary from representational to abstract painting.

I became an educator of art after my fine arts degree at Rhodes in order to contribute to art education in a visually starved Eastern Cape, South Africa. I consider it a secondary calling to my first calling of making art, which is the sharing of my knowledge with others.

Rearing 3 children in South Africa has subsequently lead me to make stronger statements about cultural goodness and its atrocities. My work is often laced with deeper meanings which are not initially apparent. I feel compelled to visually portray this to further engage the viewer and hopefully generate dialogue and awareness.

One of the strongest themes in my work deals with women and child abuse, the vulnerability of children as well as protection. These works have come from many diverse points of departure and portrayal. Medium of choice, for me, is determined by the message in the subject matter, but I love to paint either in oils or acrylic.

Among all this serious stuff, I have done numerous painting commissions that are client driven in content and enjoy this process as much.

On a lighter side, I have enjoyed a theme I developed that is quite ridiculous and deals with the impossible, like fish and dogs half human with high heels and matching suits,

I was inspired by the therianthrope of ancient rock art, which is a half human half animal image. I tend to tie this in with a thought process of taming the beast although I think it is pure escapism from the more serious work.

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